Signs You May Need a New Furnace This Winter

Jan 1, 2019

The winter months can wreak havoc on our homes which can put your family in danger. This winter, you want to make sure that your family is safe and protected. That means that you want to make sure that all of your major appliances are working properly, especially your furnace. If you have had problems with your furnace in the past, you know that repairs can be costly, but they are necessary.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your furnace needs to be replaced this winter, check out these five signs that you need to contact a heating and air conditioning service in Snellville, GA.

It Sounds Strange

Your furnace can make a lot of different sounds when it is functioning properly. However, there may be other sounds that should be cause for alarm. If your furnace is making banging or squeaking sounds, you may need to get it replaced. At the very least, you should get it serviced and inspected to ensure that it’s in working order.

It Smells Strange

The first time you turn your furnace on in the winter, you may smell a strange scent in the air. This is usually just the dust burning off of your heat elements, and it isn’t necessarily a cause for replacement. However, if your furnace has a consistent smell of burning plastic or black smoke is coming from your furnace, you should immediately call an HVAC repair contractor for help.

It’s Old

Furnaces over fifteen years old should be serviced and inspected regularly. You shouldn’t be surprised if your older furnace needs to be replaced. This is especially true if you have had to get it repaired or serviced several times within the last few years. Depending on the make and model of your current furnace, you may find that you save a lot of money by replacing it rather than repairing it.

t’s No Longer Efficient

If you have watched your gas or electric bills slowly climb throughout the life of your furnace, but you haven’t changed the way in which you use it, you should have your furnace serviced. Additionally, if you have a gas furnace and the flames are orange or yellow instead of blue, your furnace isn’t running at top efficiency. This can cause carbon monoxide leaks and other issues, so it’s important to have your furnace checked as soon as possible.

It Doesn’t Distribute Heat Properly

Older furnaces have trouble distributing heat properly. If certain rooms of your home are too hot while others never seem to get warm at all, your furnace may be having trouble distributing heat. If you experience this, make sure you contact a Furnace installation professional to do an inspection and have your furnace serviced. The professional can give you information that you need to make an educated decision on what you should do with your furnace.

This winter, it’s a good idea to get your furnace serviced. If you aren’t sure whether or not you should have it replaced, contact the HVAC specialists at Emperor Heating and Cooling.