The Importance of Timely Furnace Maintenance

Jan 6, 2020

You depend on your furnace to keep you cozy and comfortable as the temperatures outside plummet. For the most part, modern furnaces are reliable and perform well under adverse conditions, operating for long periods without breakdowns or the need for HVAC repair service in Snellville, GA. However, because the furnace and the system that surrounds it is comprised of mechanical components, they will eventually wear out and require replacement.

Fortunately, you can enhance your chances of getting the maximum service life from your furnace by adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule for your unit. With regular and timely HVAC service, repair in Snellville, GA, won’t be a recurring problem that will shorten the lifespan of your furnace. But what is it about routine maintenance that creates so many advantages for homeowners who depend on their heating systems? Keep reading below to learn why timely preventive maintenance is such an important consideration for your furnace.


First off, you want your heater to perform to your expectations during the coldest months of the winter. Preventive maintenance before the winter temperatures arrive is a key component in ensuring that your heating system keeps you warm and comfortable regardless of how low the temperatures outside fall. Part of routine maintenance for your furnace involves cleaning the burners and ensuring that the blower is working properly and is adequately lubricated. Those two tasks alone can ensure that you get top of the line performance from your furnace through the winter months.

Energy Efficiency

Again, if your furnace burns gas, there’s a good chance that over time carbon deposits on the burner will begin to cost you more money with each passing utility bill. If the gas can’t burn efficiently, it takes more of it to maintain the same temperature, thus driving up the cost of running your furnace. Also, when your blower cycles incorrectly or is forced to work overtime because other parts of your system are underperforming, it can use more electricity than is necessary to do its job. Therefore, maintenance of your furnace before the winter ensures that all components are operating at maximum efficiency, which will save you money on your utility bills and reduce your energy usage.


When furnaces are in disrepair, there’s more than just higher energy bills and compromised performance at stake. A poorly maintained furnace can also constitute a safety hazard that can have lethal results if left unattended. The reason is a colorless odorless gas called carbon monoxide that is undetectable by the human senses. When there is incomplete combustion of fuel, such as natural gas, carbon monoxide is created. While furnaces are built to protect inhabitants from carbon monoxide leakage if the system is poorly maintained, that gas can leak into living spaces and have fatal consequences.

Extended Lifespan

When you have routine maintenance performed on your furnace, you can help extend the service life of the unit in several ways. A system that is energy efficient and performing properly will put less wear and tear on individual components. That means there’ll be a reduced need for repairs and replacement parts. When problems do become obvious, they are caught in a timely manner and repaired before they can do more extensive and expensive damage to other components in the system. Therefore, a properly maintained furnace will last longer on average than a system that never receives routine service.

Timely preventive maintenance is tremendously important to the service life, performance, and energy efficiency of your furnace. By following the recommended service schedule for your heating system, you can enjoy many winters of clean, affordable comfort, no matter how cold it gets outside. To learn more about the importance of timely furnace maintenance, contact Emperor Cooling & Heating at (770) 918-8187.