What Goes into a Heater Tune-up Checklist?

Oct 13, 2021

House covered in snow during winter.

One part of prepping for the cold winter months is to make sure your furnace is ready to hear up your home. A heater tune-up is a regular maintenance check that covers essential care to your heating system to ensure it is in good working shape. These checks improve the performance of your heating system, fixes minor issues to keep it running all winter long, and increases the lifespan of your heater. What can you expect with a heater tune-up? We cover what is involved in this checklist.

Heater Tune-up Checklist

Anyone performing a tune-up check on your heater will go through your home and heating system to make sure everything is in order. They will repair or replace anything that needs fixing and inspect all the parts of the unit. A typical checklist will include:

  • Replacing filters.
  • Cleaning fans, coils, burners, etc.
  • Testing system and recalibrating system controls.
  • Tightening electrical connections.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Checking sensors, switches, and pressure.
  • Inspecting gas lines, heat exchanger, flue pipe.

How Often to Tune-up My Heater?

It is highly recommended to have your heater maintenance check every year. This process is a couple of hours at most and can lead to a substantial increase in the lifespan of your unit. Operating your heater over an entire winter can cause wear and tear on its components. While you may not notice it one year, it will certainly show up in the future and come at a higher out-of-pocket cost. Neglecting your furnace can require a need more frequent repair bills as well as higher energy bills and more stress.

Benefits of a Heater Tune-up

You can gain a lot from having someone take a quick look at your heater each year.


Safety is an important benefit from heater tune-ups. Small problems with a heater can turn into large ones if they aren’t properly addressed. You could be dealing with gas leaks or carbon monoxide in your home if you overlook something.

Good Airflow and Clean Air

Basic cleaning is part of every maintenance checklist. Getting rid of debris and checking out how the air moves within the heater removes dirt and dust from finding its way into your home and opening up airflow.

Energy Efficient

Staying energy efficient is what keeps our bills low. Heating costs can add up, especially if you are running your unit all winter. A tune-up can inspect your system to ensure it is operating as safely and efficiently as possible.

Maintain Warranty

Warranty is another topic on the mind of homeowners. Your heater manufacturer could require regular maintenance checks and a copy of records in case your unit ever stops working. Failing to schedule a yearly tune-up could void your unit’s warranty.

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